Why The Constitution Carta?

When you read our Constitution and Bill or Rights, you expect a government which is honest, un obstructive with emphasis on law, justice, free speech and freedom.

The horrific truth is, if you look at government today, you will find a government which has become an autocrat infested organization. Their objective is more government, more bureaucracy, more control, more regulation more taxes, more opression, more surveillance, more chaos via class warfare and more theft, brivery, blackmail and coercion. Most Americans are not aware that Nancy Pelosi is the key figure who has been manipulating Washington D.C. since 2002 when she became minority leader. Under Pelosi’s reign of terror, more taxes, opression, surveillance, chaos via class warfare, government theft, bribery, blackmail and coercion became SOP. From investigating Presidents, Speakers or anyone who got in her way.

What is the constitution carta? how can it fix our broken government?

The constitution carta is the guardrail that will put congress back on track to their inteded role of protecting our rights from government overreach. “Brevity is the soul of wit” (Sir William Shakespeare ) This statement describes the way to get our message across to congress, a way they will comprehend. Examples of previous guardrails to ensure stable civlization to flurish.
-10 Commandments – thought people to respect each other and belive in Truth
-Magna Carta – established that kings are not above law
-Declaration of Independence – told King George that people do not want to be ruled by tyrants
-The Contract with America – told congress to obey the laws they pass and stop destructive politics
-The Constition Carta – informs and instruct’s congress to stop destructive politics and dismantle existing destructive departments.

The Constitution Carta will correct all that which is wrong in our government. It will fix budget, education, health care, poverty just to name a few. Thousands of years of history thought us the way to eutopia is through capitalism. Captalism works best when there are contract laws, just rules and regulations, equal opportunity to all via freedom, not a government order. The national socailist militant regulations enacted by unqualified representatives today do nothing but torment free people and diminish our rights. Our current status quo created by years of destructive socialist policies and protected by Nancy Pelosi is corrupt to the core. Our representatives are not in Washington D.C. to protect our rights and our freedoms, they are in Washington D.C. to create more government therfore destroying peoples lives. examples of Government oppression
-department of education – we spend billions, grades and quality of eductation is diminishing
-department of energy – responsible for inflation and recessions
-department of student loans – governemnt bankrupting students

every federal department is destroying American lives every day, congress is ignoring open borders, drug smuggling, us National debt, terrorists, unfair trade -etc.

The solution to world peace is to Close the United Nations and re establish it as United Free Trading Nations.

free trade will diminish and destroy sociailst governments and end wars once and for all.

Emil Szegner
Destructive Politics

The Constitution Carta