“When goods do not cross borders, soldiers will.” ― Frederic Bastiat

Anyone who took time to learn about history of the world understands that NO GOVERNMENT will ever bring peace on earth and feed hungry children. Only true capitalism with just contract laws can bring peace to our world end eradicate hunger and poverty. The solution to end all wars between nations is to close the United Nations and open an organization called Free Trading Nations (FTN). When nations trade with ZERO tariffs, capitalism will overcome all the problems created by destructive politicians and leave us in a fair and peaceful world.

Today governments selectively impose artificial tariffs and taxes on imported goods. This hurts consumers while government officials stuff their pockets with bribes and gifts from lobbyists. When unqualified politicians have the power to impose tariffs and taxes on goods and services people suffer. Every new tariff makes life more difficult and expensive for the poor. The cost of clothing, food, education, healthcare, energy and just about everything else becomes more costly!

Support World Peace, Tell congress to close the UN and open the FREE TRADING NATIONS

put an end to destructive politics